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ANS Telecom and Technology Limited

offers you  smart solutions for all your systems. Therefore we provide fire alarm, intruder alarm, CCTV, network, IP PBX, access control, car tracking, home automation, air conditioning, ERP system and IT.

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You deserve a smart solution

Products and Services

We care about your safety and security, as well as our green environment. This leads us to bring you smart and green solutions.



 is an official distributor for Mapesen-USA CCTV systems in Malta.

Our high quality and good prices as well as latest and smart cameras. Enjoy smart solutions for your home, business and enterprise.  

Today our cameras can see in full color at dark! Have you heard of that before? 

It’s integrated with other systems like intruder alarm and fire alarm system.

PLC System

We design, program, develop, innovate, and implement Siemens PLC system.

Your factory, and machine can be computerized now.

We offer you safe and reliable solutions up to date with latest technologies .

Home PLC is also a great idea to automate many functions at your home especially access control and security making living easy and saving a lot of extra cost.

data Netwok

Whether it’s house, shop, office, or organization (LAN). If it’s many branches in different locations(WAN) or even different countries. We always have optimum solutions depending on your request. We offer you free network design, for both data and voice, as well as wireless network or wireless point. Especially if it’s difficult to pass wires like cutting a road, or it’s far to pass a wire like 1KM, or more.

The solution is always here

Fire Alarm

Day after another, it becomes mandatory that we have fire alarm system everywhere, this is due to the fact that we have many explosions and fires surrounding us, every day. We want you and your family to be safe. We want your shop to be safe as well as your stock and warehouse. We work hard to bring you the best and smartest solution. Integrated and efficient fire alarm system will be the key to keep you safe.

Our design is free for you

Home Automation

Home automation saves your electricity consumptions and secures your home. With our system, you have no fear, while you are out the automation system will take care of your house. So that, no extra electricity consumption, no fires, no leaks and no worries. Thus, these are the most important benefits. Home automation makes your life easy and enriches your living hours at home with smart and efficient solutions.

How many use smart home today?

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home security2022 Billion $
+ 0
Control & Connectivity million house
+ 0
Million Smart display

Statistics source : https://www.statista.com/topics/2430/smart-homes/

Vehicle Tracking.

We offer vehicle tracking systems and services for variety of service providers, such as taxis, food distribution vans, and personal cars. It’s highly recommended for those vehicles in relation to safety and security as well as management.

Moreover, free personal tracking systems are available here, therefore we can help elderly people, children and ourselves to be found in crucial circumstances.

Access control


We provide a professional access control system to cover all needs of: hotels, shops, homes, offices, commercial malls, flats, parking, villas, and government buildings. Our IP access control system is your optimum solution and best choice, acting as your true guard. In other words, the quality and price are our choice for you.

Home To Enterprise Access Control System

ERP and POS .

ERP and POS software are available, with various options, moreover installation, technical support and accounting and VAT reports implementations. Server and web application are available too.

  • ERP

  • Discover your Talents

  • Home Solar System

    Heating and Electricity

    We provide home solar power systems, both ON/OFF Grid types. Solar panels benefit people by saving extra units. Green energy also helps the environment. Book your system today

  • Power Plant

    Solar Farm systems

    Fields, in particular, will need such services to cover their needs of electricity. It is easy and efficient to have solar system installed at your field.

  • Power on

    Your Field Today

    Specially Fields will need such services to cover their needs of electricity it is easy and efficient to have solar system at your field .




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